We are ending a wonderful week of leadership workshops in Puerta Cabezas, Nicaragua. It has been an enthusiastic, extraordinary, effective and exhausting week. Our team is running on enthusiasm we received from the wonderful Nicaraguan people we worked with – with Earl and his wonderful wife, Damaris, being right at the top.

I personally had two memorable experiences this week that I wanted to share. The first was during my keynote presentation at the main campus of the Verbo Church and the second was during our breakout session at the Botania campus.

Thursday night I had the privilege of teaching the people. I preached in English while Earl translated into Spanish. About half-way through the talk the power went out. This is not totally unexpected, but probably the first time I was mid-presentation when this happened.

Since I was speaking with notes from my iPad I could see my notes and kept on going. Earl just kept on translating. It felt as though though we did not miss a beat. It was a unique experience – speaking in the dark with only the light from my iPad.

The flying insects also found it comforting as they landed on the only light in the auditorium. The problem was that when I swiped away the bugs I changed pages also. I found myself holding the iPad in one hand while blowing the insects off the page when Earl was translating. This kept my pages from advancing prematurely.

Sunday afternoon, August 7, I had the opportunity to speak at their remote location. As I was giving a short presentation we were caught in a downpour. The rain on the metal roof was deafening, but we were fine with the amplified sound – that is until the generator went off-line. I found myself, once again, teaching without electricity – this time fighting the explosive rain drops beating the tin roof.

We gathered everyone as close as possible and my Miskito interpreter, Emil, stood as close as possible. We both shouted at the top of our lungs. He told me afterward that his voice was spent.

It was worth all the inconveniences to receive the feedback from the local leaders and the observers as well.

Date: August 4, 2016
Time: 7:30-8:30 p.m.
Event: Leadership School in Nicaragua
Topic: Lead on Purpose
Venue: El Verbo
Public: Public

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