Hello, my name is Daniel, most people call me Dan. My nickname/biker name is “The Professor” – go figure. I help people overcome debt and experience financial peace.

I’m a passionate and enthusiastic speaker, author and financial coach. I believe coaching and training is my way to serve others. I was trained by Dave Ramsey and his team as a financial counselor; that together with my 25+ years of pastoral counseling experience allows me to bridge the gap from where you are; to where you want to be. If you need help making your budget work, developing a plan to get out of debt or saving for retirement – I can offer options and hope.

I’ve spent over 25 years building my leadership experience beyond leading in the United States military; including founding several companies, non-profit management and authoring three books on leadership training and development.

A summary of some of my experience includes:

• Pastoral Counseling
• Public Speaking
• Non-Profit Outcomes Assessment
• Financial Coaching
• Adult Learning Principles (Andragogy)
• Personality Type Assessment
• Budget Management (from very small to multi-million dollar budgets)
• Employee Evaluation and Assessment


Facebook-249x250Daniel Blakeslee specializes in solving problems that hinder personal and business success. He believes that each of us has an innate drive – whether it is to achieve goals, impact other people or accomplish an organizational mission – it forms our unique thoughts that lead to behaviors. Daniel is active in helping individuals discover their drive and leverage it to become the leaders the Creator intended them to be.

Daniel is the author of the groundbreaking book The Leader Code, Lead Like Hell is Real and Lead on Purpose. He writes for online magazines, blogs and web portals, including CNN.com, FoxNews.com, Yahoo News, ReleaseWire.com and other blogs, magazines and newsletters. He has been interviewed by NBC and ABC affiliates, featured on live television and a guest on ‘The Harvest Show,’ LeSea Broadcasting Network. Daniel is also a frequent keynote speaker, guest speaker for large audiences, including a live Internet video stream. He is a Dave Ramsey trained Master Financial Coach, pastor, professor, Harley Davidson rider and escapes from straight jackets just for fun.


Blakeslee-Family-Christmas-300x169Blakeslee is an experienced conference speaker and a leadership coach. He is a pastor, college professor, husband, and father. He coaches with individuals who want to win with people.

He lives with his wife, Michele, in Chesapeake, Virginia. He consults with non-profit organizations, churches and businesses to help them accomplish their mission – efficiently and effectively.

He was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from high school Blakeslee enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He volunteered for the Submarine Service.

He advanced to Chief Petty Officer and served on board three nuclear powered submarines as the Leading Engineering Laboratory Technician and an Engineering Watch Supervisor.

Before the start of Desert Storm, Blakeslee was assigned to the U. S. Navy’s Leadership Development Program (NLDP) as an instructor. He taught hundreds of first time leaders and mentored them as they transitioned from worker to leader. He was later joined the instructor school for the leadership program, where he was consistently singled out by officer and senior enlisted students as a premiere instructor and leader. Blakeslee was awarded the Master Training Specialist for his work in the Leadership Instructor School.

He developed curriculum for the pilot course for the Navy’s Total Quality Management (TQM) Program. Blakeslee designed the curriculum and taught the pilot course before he deployed during Operation Desert Shield.

Blakeslee served as the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor of four churches. He has been the primary speaker of several other churches while serving as the Interim Pastor. He was the Director of Operations for the Baptist Bible Fellowship International and on the faculty and administration of Baptist Bible College and Graduate School. He is currently serving as the Executive Pastor for Operations at the Point Harbor Community Church in Chesapeake, Virginia.

AKA and Common Misspellings: Daniel Blakesley, Dan Blakeslee, Dan Blakesly.