Our mission is to transform people into effective leaders by sharing The Leader Code. To help people find their personal drive and preferred leadership styles and to translate that into an efficient and effective lifestyle.

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Daniel is the President of Daniel Blakeslee, LC. He specializes in solving problems that hinder personal and business success. He believes that each of us has an innate drive – whether it is to achieve goals, impact other people or accomplish an organizational mission – it forms our unique thoughts that lead to behaviors. Daniel is active in helping individuals discover their drive and leverage it to become the leaders the Creator intended them to be.

Daniel is the author of the groundbreaking book The Leader Code, Lead Like Hell is Real and Lead on Purpose. He writes for online magazines, blogs and web portals, including CNN.com, FoxNews.com, Yahoo News, ReleaseWire.com and other blogs, magazines and newsletters.  He has been interviewed by NBC and ABC affiliates, featured on live television and a guest on ‘The Harvest Show,’ LeSea Broadcasting Network.  Daniel is also a frequent keynote speaker, guest speaker for large audiences, including a live internet video stream.

AKA and Common Misspellings: Daniel Blakesley, Dan Blakeslee, Dan Blakesly.