Will Your Organization Run without You?

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Can you say that you could leave your organization or business for a few weeks or months and it would run without you? Unfortunately most leaders cannot answer yes to this question. However, there is a solution to this and it is not as hard to implement as you might think.

Systemizing your management practices is the best way to free up your time, and it enables you to leave your organization to other leaders when necessary. Now, this may sound like a complicated task so let’s break it down.

For at least a month you will need to write down all the leadership and management tasks that you do. Include everything from delegating tasks, following up with stakeholders, training and developing others all the way to responding to emails, writing proposals and marketing your business. List it all.

Now go back down your list and start to see which items or tasks you could either; delegate to an assistant or subordinate – or use an automation tool. For those tasks that could be delegated why haven’t you? If you are stuck in Hammer or Screwdriver Leadership Styles, then you need to identify why and how to use the other leadership styles in the right situations.

For the list of tasks that you could delegate, do you have training manuals to help show subordinates what to do? If not, create them when you begin the hiring process. Think leadership. If you are going to be an effective leader, then you are going to have to be able to delegate.

Go through all of the required steps until you have every detail covered. When you do hire someone all you have to do is to give them a quick overview of what is required. Then you can feel comfortable that your training manual will help them accomplish the task to your specifications. I try to think of delegation as setting a goal for another individual. You want to follow the same guidelines and format.

Ideally you should end up with a system in place for every aspect of your organization. This would include having a training or instruction manual for all of your routine tasks.

When it comes to automation, I use the philosophy “automated the important.” I use this philosophy with paying my bills and giving to my church.

Your end result when it comes to systemizing your organization is one that allows you to hand off the day to day running of it to someone else without any worries. Remember, if you are going to move to what John Maxwell calls, “a Level Four Leader,” then your responsibility is to train others to lead.

To get a good grasp on how to delegate effectively, be sure to pick up “The Leader Code.”