The Secret to Raising Children

Do you want to know the secret to raising children? Don’t do it!

Really, don’t raise children – instead raise your child to be an adult. Keynote speaker and author Daniel Blakeslee talks about raising that wild child.

Transcript (auto generated, no guarantee of accuracy):

0:03 when Jennifer was born
0:14great we got a wild child she had energy
0:17couldn’t keep up with their you know we’re runnin after what she learned to
0:21you know that it’s him if you’ve never teach in a walk talk to eat it’s a lot
0:26easier if
0:27harder to walk in she was all over the place you can keep up with their
0:32he/she and
0:35you know then we had sister yeah five years later
0:40she was born in today happens to be bird
0:43is almost five years exactly she was born
0:46and then we realized Jennifer was not the wild child it was
0:51home and in your wishes love energy in
0:54night the Yellowknife tell me some other stories as you remember
0:59from your childhood about those things you got into she said i block them all
1:03for my memory
1:04and I mean I remember things like
1:08you know if you go down steps on the front big
1:11head-first sheesh roll on the ground
1:14get back up and do it again I mean she won
1:17she was just shoes life changes
1:21passionate about living and she blocked them all out
1:25Jennifer Jennifer tell me some stories from your child
1:28those wild things that you guys did she said the only stories
1:33I remember about while children are from your child
1:36she said well let’s see
1:42you and your brothers burger grandma’s house fire
1:49you had dark in your head yeah
1:53still affects me today and so she started tell me the story
1:58should never tell your kids your stories about being a wild child
2:01my mom said because I started being born in the car
2:05I just life that way
2:08so I guess maybe that’s why I am introducing
2:12series the wild child you know after all
2:15you know the poem you’re probably familiar with if you
2:19said free right you heard this before
2:23if free if it returns to you
2:27which yours forever was probably for eternity
2:30rhymes in if it doesn’t
2:33was never yours sweet and then the second
2:41takes up residence on your couch so you’re and make some
2:46doesn’t realize he said
2:49free probably gave birth to that was probably more in line with what
2:58this message is about I have advice
3:01one point for your mom’s about raising children
3:06wanna make one point clear to you so pay attention
3:09when it comes to raising children don’t do it
3:14don’t do it okay now I could probably say life
3:18little better and I’d say something like this don’t focus on raising children
3:25focus on raising adults and I think that’s where we need to go
3:29this morning is to focus on raising dole’s
3:33after all the goal is not to raise large children
3:37it’s a race functioning adult people can function in society
3:42contribute back and help build the kingdom of God and be a functioning part
3:46church family in society
3:49in should be our Engal so we need to approach this
3:53topic with the end goal in mind
3:56and that’s where we’re going this morning now I thought well I could just
4:00list downs in so I just went online
4:04list don’t yeah I was thinking about that listen I found one that I really
4:09for graduates you know because not only is mothers day
4:13we him many that are graduating and
4:16so I have a list downs for graduates share these with you might wanna write
4:22these down
4:22rule number one life is not fear
4:27get used to it okay
4:30life used number two the world
4:34care about yourself steam the world will expect you to accomplish something
4:39before you feel good about yourself okay
4:43rule number three you will not make forty thousand dollars a year right out
4:46of high school
4:47wake up you not gonna make forty thousand
4:51your high school rule number four
4:54if you think your teachers way to you meet your boss
4:58he doesn’t 10-year
5:01wrong number five
5:05flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity
5:09your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping
5:13they called it opportunity demand
5:18rule number six if you mess up it’s not your parents
5:23balls so don’t whine about your mistakes learn from them
5:28number seven before you were born
5:33your parents word as boring as they are now
5:36they got that way from paying your bills cleaning your clothes
5:44and listening to you talk about how cool you r
5:47real memory
5:52your school may have done away with winners and losers
5:55life has not you gotta work
6:00number nine life is not divided in two semesters
6:05you do not get summers and very few employers are interested in helping you
6:12find yourself
6:14do that on your own time
6:16real number ten
6:20makes you get this television
6:24is not real-life in real life
6:28in real life people and jobs
6:32they have to leave the coffee shop and go to work so
6:37rule number eleven
6:41and I like this be nice to nerds because someday they’ll be your boss
6:50their summers dues and downs but rather than give you just
6:53Melissa don’ts for parents i’d
6:57story and I’m gonna start telling you this morning about us
7:00about a lady named Brenda now Brenda names have been changed to protect the
7:06I’m using Brenda because my mother i won honor her this morning
7:10for Mother’s Day she’s gonna watch video and
7:14so we’re gonna talk about Brendan she
7:17friend you know she she brought her new baby home from the hospital
7:21she’s being your baby home and you know the perfect baby
7:25fingers isn’t but now I’m a problem with you know
7:31you bring the baby home they’re already broken the key holder had a
7:36his and in
7:40I’m just give me a warning here don’t him your baby his
7:43wobbly Lee Gibson did
7:46me this week scary me she says you can holder
7:50on purpose and in so Mike its break
7:55you know will be responsible for the head you know
7:59I just I can take that responsibility it’s expensive
8:02you know I can’t replace so
8:06you know if your your baby’s head you know
8:09only he yourself just how I am
8:13when they get a little bigger and they can walk instead my num
8:17but when their head is still wobbly scare me
8:20so equally mom ship
8:25mine trouble let me move on she brought her baby home from the hospital
8:29and her mom stay with their
8:33can help you through that process them experiences in
8:36she was there to help you know and get used to being a mommy
8:40and it was great my mom was your husband was deployed
8:44very helpful and she’s there and then
8:47mom has to fly back she’s there alone
8:51with her be and
8:55struck in the middle of the night the
8:59blood-curdling scream a crying baby
9:02and it’s dry it’s been
9:05nothing’s wrong with it why is he crying
9:09and she experiences with all new moms
9:12experience and that is there’s nothing you can do about it she’s in a panic she
9:17doesn’t know what to do she picked the baby up
9:19holding and trails the baby in sits in the rocking chair
9:24she’s our mother do this all week and rock the
9:28com she starts to slow down whimpering subsides
9:34she reaches over to the table next to the rocking chair
9:37mama left the book behind she picks up the book and she looks in the back in
9:42the index
9:42she says I need help she looks for parenting
9:46she finds this reference
9:49in that book in its first Saloni in Chapter two
9:53and versus six later the first verses mention
9:57in Eq court incidences this even know we had some standing as price apostles
10:03we never your weight around or tried to come across as important
10:07with you or anyone else we weren’t lou with you
10:10we can’t you just as you were we would never patronizing never condescending
10:16week here for you mother fears for her child
10:20we loved you dearly
10:23not content just on the message
10:26we wanted to give you our hearts and we did
10:30she read this passage in she tried
10:33the baby in the baby
10:36leader hearing mom’s voice
10:39she read them
10:43feel better she kept reading
10:46sheep 9 says you remember in
10:50those days friends working our fingers to the bone
10:54night she said I can really moonlighting so you wouldn’t have the burden of
11:00supporting us will be proclaim God’s message to you
11:03use with your own eyes how discrete increase we were among you
11:08with he sensitivity fellow believers
11:11in god knows we work freeloaders
11:14we experienced offers with Egypt you
11:19we were like a father with his child holding your hand
11:24whispering in arrangement sure when you step by step
11:28well before God who holders his own
11:32Kingdom into is delightful life
11:35she continued to read she picked up the pen mama left in the Bible and she
11:39underline phrase holding your hand because it is
11:43touched her at that moment she remember back when she was a child and her mother
11:48had held her hand when she was crossing the street
11:51her mom always said take me take my hand let me take your hand
11:55sure letter across the street and Joyce that meant mom was in control
12:00and she was trying to to run her life
12:04in she realized moment with her room baby
12:07arm she realized mom be
12:10was protecting me it just heater for the first time
12:14that is she held her hand there was an expression
12:18I love you and I want to protect you when she realized feeling
12:22them for her little baby the season
12:26drifted off to sleep maman
12:29rocking chair as the week went on things got a little
12:34year for the new mom but she kept going back to that person she can reading them
12:39she went back in she underlined
12:42another phrase she saw the freezer said spring
12:46courage she sheep a great idea
12:50do that so with her little baby in her arm she would whisper encouragement
12:55teller you know I love you I love you daddy loves you
12:58we’re proud we we were glad you’re here
13:02she whispered encouragement to the baby
13:05because you know it it makes a difference mom and
13:09see their children you know impact their lives
13:12if if you somebody long enough
13:16start in she she realized you know how you say it
13:22your child sometimes sometimes is not the word so much is the tone of voice
13:26you know what I mean like if you go to your child and say
13:30you can do better or have you say
13:33you know you can do better there’s a difference one is encouraging one is
13:38discouraging you know it lot of times it’s just how it is delivered
13:42how did you Heptones buddy
13:4623 talk to you you don’t speak English
13:51yeah I know some you think
13:54you know if your dog can you say
13:57I really love you I’m
14:01give you a big hug it’s good but if you say
14:06I’m gonna take should
14:09well know any better in its gonna come right its
14:14sit on a Boise now I know your dog understands English sometime
14:18other dogs you know tone of voice makes a difference you see
14:23makes difference you know Dan Benson
14:26his book the total man says that in the United States
14:30negative negative phrases versus 21
14:35times more negative things are spoken in homes
14:40composite she realized she needs to be a
14:45positive influence on her child whisper encouragement your child
14:49you know sometimes it’s not even whispered you know
14:53those my wife Michelle she’s a pretty quiet person you know she’s not a public
14:59you know she skewed she’d rather stay behind
15:02she’s working probably with your kids right now and
15:06helping them become while children and she
15:10do that she coming up on stage insane
15:14scared im sporting event she’s
15:20Kansas City him
15:25we’ll she screamin
15:28television those wraps listen to her it’s amazing
15:32well our daughter Danielle when she was growing up when she was in high school
15:36she played sports believe it or not she’s
15:39and from and
15:42she played basketball you know she played volleyball in
15:46in soccer in in her mom the signs you know she was one of those moms you know
15:51how stream yellin’ rate
15:54waving the sign in everything Indian yellow is used to do this
15:58that means each from
16:03from the court your mom’s didn’t help minute
16:0811 %um do. confided in me later that even though it was embarrassing for her
16:16it was very encouraging she remembers when she was there serving
16:20in your kid aces which Bible
16:23serve aces one right after the other they would come out loud in the crowd
16:28ship crazy Yellin and screamin very encouraging to her
16:32even spur it was a yell but it worked it work
16:37let’s get back to our story
16:40friends baby got older in the weeks went on
16:44she she was getting a little better
16:47mom thing and %um she underlined another
16:51phrase in there showing used how to you
16:55and she understood this mean you need them
16:59you need to mom you know so much life is
17:03rather than you know it is important what she say
17:07but it’s even much more important
17:09pitcher the sure words
17:12my dad you know when I was growing up he always use this phrase
17:15don’t do what I do you do what I say
17:19don’t listen when I say don’t do what I do
17:22yes something like that I must be paid attention
17:31you know he would say that you know is he’s
17:33stop Sigrid don’t you
17:36say and I remember that but um
17:42so she realized its modeling
17:46the action her daughter’s she
17:49she realized she really know more about what boers
17:52she to counter you version you know your phone happen
17:56sugar you she looked it up in the New Living Translation
17:59to see how it’s translated says in the New Living Translation
18:03this way as we pleaded with you encouraged you
18:08in urged you to live your lives
18:11in a way that God would consider worthy for he called you to shear
18:16them glory after she read
18:21past she said maybe to church
18:24she had fun memories as a child going to church and she remembered as a child you
18:30know attending church in for some reason her parents going
18:33somebody hurt their feelings me smile wrong you know how that something happen
18:38in the stock going in sushi grow up in church
18:42she as a child and she enjoyed she said
18:45my daughter to church I need a model behavior so that Sunday
18:49she decided go to church she decided to sneak
18:54church started after the service started
18:57and brought her baby with her you know like mom you know she’s not gonna go to
19:01the nursery
19:02she checks in town background checks you know observed
19:07she’s she’s coming in the door
19:13glasser me turn around she
19:16she said services she’s in the back row that’s reserved just for people with
19:21there may be an she’s not really catching the message to be honest with
19:25she sitting back there but you know she’s more focused on
19:29you hope she’s not being too loud I hope passing hearing the people around me
19:34in so she’s really kinda distracted she attends
19:38and the service is over she finds a way to the nursery
19:42she’s gonna check it out because there could be an emergency go to the nursery
19:46she goes to the nursery in Chi she
19:49she find somebody name Helen working there
19:53energy how my car share more share
19:56sure Sheeran hero wrong name from another era
20:01and a she finds sure
20:04hero Helen in the nursery not really sure
20:07hero and in the nursery and she started asking Helen questions
20:11and she she finds out the Aug okay good
20:16yes the so many CPR good
20:19yes nurseries claim good so she investigates injection uses
20:25good feel comfortable putting my baby in this
20:28nursery feel safe and
20:31she notices she’s leaving vers on the wall
20:35vers painted on the wall in this is proper
20:3822:06 she remembers says train up a child
20:43in the way he should go and even when he is
20:46all he will not depart from she says
20:50that that’s the secret I’ve been looking for
20:55that’s burgers and she writes the verge down
20:59she writes internodes when she gets home she Google’s
21:04she said means how do I apply that MERS
21:07so she does a lot of research she finds a lot of discussion around the boers
21:11la to debate a lot of discussion what it means
21:14and she found this she she found this explanation
21:18this verse is not a problem but a proper
21:23she said for
21:25in the she finds it says a proverb is generally accepted truth generally
21:31accepted principle that is usually true
21:34she says I can live with that that’s good
21:37what does it mean and she finds this definition
21:40it says don’t focus on reaching children
21:45focus on raising she’s
21:48show if I
21:51focus on reaching dole’s little
21:55then when they’re all they will not depart from
21:59so I need Trina an adult I need to train my
22:03daughter as an adult she felt pretty good about
22:06church in about attending church week
22:09she got home and she comfortable she’s started
22:13agree with his mom in things are getting pretty good
22:17weeks go by she’s attending church on Sunday
22:20she’s coming to the service in you know she notices
22:24that her daughter at night is increasingly fussy
22:27you know she doesn’t want to sleep at night she’s
22:30she’s awake like she’s she’s ready to downplay
22:34night in in the only way she get her to sleep rocker
22:38night and when she has the rocker to sleep only one other
22:41sleeps she’s tired and
22:45the baby is ready to go in the morning moms
22:48were tired she you Helen
22:51about and I’m ask her because she said
22:56if you have any questions just you know
23:00back when our children was born share
23:04harold was working in the nursery and you know probably between sure
23:08in Trina she prolly happy
23:11mom I mean you learn how to be a mom from
23:16you know they teach mature moms here to teach you
23:19but for so many not the case in she won
23:22Helen she said Helen this is my situation
23:25she explained that her baby wasn’t sleeping at night it’s like
23:29she’s gunner night in days
23:32mixed up she said you don’t need to tell me
23:35for let me just ride when I think you’re your room is like
23:40tell me if I’m right you’ve got annoyed
23:43glow worm in the bed
23:47you crack the door opening the whole i dont see
23:50been getting she said yeah it’s pretty close except
23:54glow worm is she said
23:59later she said well
24:03Helen friend she said your
24:06ideals sleeping room she’s
24:09all easy I stayed my brother
24:13we stayed in there for about a week in
24:16and they had these basement bedroom had no windows
24:19I get the best nights sleep in my life she said nice
24:2310 hours and woke up the next morning and no idea what I’m rate in so how was
24:28it also your ideal sleeping arrangement is in a dorm room
24:32imagine that she said no no no wait a minute I can put my baby in a dark room
24:38because she might be
24:39years Allen said
24:42robbers chapter 3 verse 24 its is
24:46if you lie down you will not be afraid when you lie down
24:51your sleep will be sweet and then she turned over a few verses
24:56the book and she said in some chapter for mercy
24:59she read she said in peace I would
25:03lie down and sleep for you alone O Lord
25:07make me dwell see she said you need to teach your daughter
25:13she say she’s comfortable you’re there to protect your in God is protecting and
25:18watching over her
25:19Derby frayed he put her in the dark
25:23so you cheated she went home she get those room darkening shades she turned
25:27out the night light shut the door
25:29in an amazing thing happens you put a baby in a dark room
25:33people sleep it’s amazing works for me to
25:37actually I don’t even like them works for babies
25:41put him in a dark room the 10 sleep
25:44well months went by renders husband came home
25:48and he started attending church with mom and baby in and they’re going to church
25:52and things are going great in the baby was getting older
25:56and years went by you know she went from being a baby
26:00you know the furniture furniture
26:04you know when they go from house to table
26:08account a few times it goes away
26:11for most people and you know they survived
26:15years you know you might you probably put cushions corners in
26:20but they survived the stage that brenda’s baby was she was
26:24at the furniture stage she’s becoming learned
26:28things are going great when this has been handed for a while
26:32he was deployed for short trip and then came back and they decided to celebrate
26:37restaurant and I’m mcdonnell’s here
26:40restaurant with nap they were gonna go out and they said you know what try
26:47rent unity
26:50yeah let’s try it again it’s been months since
26:54we were there last don’t forget so they
26:59tried it again and they took the baby to the restaurant in and old-boy
27:03it was horrible she was leans
27:07in you know look like a disaster on the floor
27:10you said by those people right you not been those people
27:13but you said by you like his has means you bring a baby here
27:20you said
27:23so is a horrible
27:27XP Sunday when she went to church from Helen
27:30she said now helen had been faithfully
27:34decide Brenda all these years over the years in
27:37teaching your entry and helping her through life
27:41she another mother said their babies to the nursery
27:44so Brenda shared her
27:47her problem she said
27:50he’s see and
27:53world restaurant experience is your she said
27:58do you know that the United States is one of the few countries
28:04children’s menus really
28:08would kids even other countries said
28:12group as you can imagine
28:15I mean how does a child drop figures him fingers
28:21in she said and i cant believe she said we’re when the only cultures honored
28:29here’s to children in such a way that we prepare whole meals around what they
28:35instead teaching them to like they should like
28:39she said this was the rule Helen said in our house
28:42when my kids were little the rule was happy
28:46everything in your place she said
28:50pieced your plate she said amazingly my kids started eating vegetables in a very
28:55liking things that normal children
28:59in life she continues to reveal and
29:03so too was foreign and
29:07this she said now know how the
29:10helping third she said try feeding
29:14her adult now it might take 10 times trying something
29:18before she likes it you know fine she likes
29:22experiment with the prepared different ways she’s on
29:25when my kids were growing up we had a rule in our house
29:31you didn’t happy everything on your plate but whatever was left we covered
29:36with with oil he put it in the fridge
29:39now remembered this was the day before we had a microwave different school
29:46the we put it back in the fridge and so
29:49when our kids came two hours later you
29:52seen I’m hungry the video is the best because she say
29:57I have space the size
30:00the she was good at it
30:07and we would take the plane down in the fridge
30:11and say we’ll if you’re hungry future
30:14you have from years you can
30:18now you have you know
30:21but when you’re hungry you said you’re hungry UE
30:24it’s an amazing thing amazing in a
30:28usually start eating what’s prepared for them in
30:32Brendan scan she said I grew up on
30:35on fish sticks and chicken fingers macaroni and cheese I can’t imagine not
30:40being my child
30:41she said you know the story about the feeling in the 5,000 she said of course
30:46I’m familiar with that story she said well it’s really wonders now
30:50normally we don’t focus on this when we read that story
30:53she said one thing in John chapter 6 first nine
30:56opens with there’s a boy here
31:00who has five barley loaves and to fish
31:04no that’s not a normal lunch for child think about that five barley loaves into
31:13ish where the fish sticks and macaroni and cheese
31:17chicken fingers he had to finish
31:20and five barley now
31:23could you imagine what happened if
31:26you actually your child like ish you know they might actually learn to like
31:32fish if you tried to prepare different ways he made them tried a few times in
31:36and you know now barley loaves maybe they might say
31:43slap butter slather butter on it
31:48anything tasty right grade
31:52history you know they might even learn to like asparagus and
31:58and broccoli in all those things that you struggle to get them
32:02so Brenda tried Helen recommend
32:05and seen her child was eating and then she was
32:10you know when they went to the restaurant they didn’t even order child
32:13better off their plate steeper and the federal their plane
32:19two-shoes big order meal at the restaurant years went by
32:26the child grew and Brenda
32:31in hell and we’re talking when way service was over
32:35of course it will be other during the service so after the service is over
32:40there out there talking in the hallway
32:42in having a great time and the little girl came up in
32:46100 mom you seen this before probably you’ll see
32:49service and tell my mom ma ma mom ma mom
32:53that’s when my wife changing my name and
32:56you know you get tired here mom ladies on
32:59she started ma mom mom and
33:02Brendan exasperated this is why we won
33:06whatever it was I wanna play on the playground
33:11Brenda said hi know what to do she so impatient
33:16she said I know what this is
33:19its sim delayed
33:23ratification syndrome she said
33:28the world is that delayed gratification syndrome
33:32she said its gonna in Romans chap 5
33:35first three its is this not only that but we rejoice in our sufferings
33:41knowing that suffering produces during an endurance
33:45says in verse 4 produces character character produces
33:50hope if you want to your child have hope
33:54as an adult you need to teach them to have character
33:58if you wouldn’t have character they need to endure
34:01the need to learn patience they need
34:04lurch we to wait not Iran
34:08to wait until their time to weighted
34:12in brenda’s he understand them how
34:15to it said go home
34:19in BK she said
34:22K get she said
34:25human make I don’t know about you but
34:29I’m like the peace scratch now I don’t know what it is
34:33but I know when you make from it’s really good
34:37you know I mean I’m I’ve never actually seen
34:40i guess im been the can
34:44scratch and you make a gallon they’re really tasty
34:48she said go home in Macomb K
34:51from Bay from stretch
34:54she said help
34:57she said swatch personal use it as a learning experience teach you how to
35:02you know it’s a good learning experience teacher measure
35:06teacher cleanliness you know how me clean
35:10any teacher you break the in
35:13measure scratch out in the measuring and
35:17and they have to learn and how did the by to learn division with them
35:22she said screens
35:26when teacher is Shin because you
35:31watch the now
35:35minutes finish
35:38school later Deen
35:42should be rewarded for her patience
35:45and frequently in should learn how to weigh
35:48should learn how gratification can come
35:51if you’re patient and she will learn the reward
35:55watching take place she did
35:59she did became a ritual them at least once a month
36:02twice a month they bake something together they bake something it was a
36:07bonding experience for mother and daughter body her how to
36:11way she used as ob-gyn
36:14with their daughter all-time by
36:17her little daughter grew up
36:20she’s getting bigger and bigger growing in learning she’s in school
36:26and one sunday Brendan
36:28reaches in the door where’s Helen again
36:31Helen it’s an emergency binder so
36:35everybody’s morning calendar where
36:38and she finds Helen she said Helen I’ve got an emergency
36:41she’s drama drama she’s asking about
36:44happen with look on her face
36:48him on
36:52she breaks into tears and she says no I don’t want her to die
36:57without Jesus I don’t wonder to go to how I
37:00helper gonna happen and she said
37:04we can we can do this do you remember the boers
37:07issue you she
37:11undermine my Bible she said
37:14just showed Spurs shores
37:19its okay in my years dealing with children she said
37:23to Brenda its completely different with the child
37:28you see when an adult feels drawing up the Holy Spirit
37:32sometimes they the they push you away you know they
37:36they feel the Holy Spirit dealing with their hardly be
37:39the pushy where they no not me I don’t accept Christ
37:43but a child doesn’t she said
37:46when a child is being drawn by the Holy Spirit of God in
37:49Holy Spirit is dealing with a child hard they cannot resist
37:53they want to accept Christ the barriers are
37:57there they in fact if you ignore them nobody
38:00I know that from personal experience your child is under conviction
38:05Holy Spirit strong them they will bond you until you show them how to accept
38:10she said
38:11Jim worry we she said
38:17she relievers Stewart lease period
38:21is if you need help I’ll be glad to help you or ask
38:25number stirs someone will help you if you need
38:28she felt so much better they prayed together they pray for the little girl
38:33and they went on their way and then the next week
38:37during the week
38:38little girl came to your moms mining
38:41when a good you I wanna make sure
38:45I’d to the
38:49she opened her by to the book a room
38:53she had all these verses underlined
38:56because she these just a few years ago and
39:00she said your daughter she said honey all
39:04are born and wild child
39:08we’re all separated from God
39:11and we’re all born that way and
39:15is she said in Romans chapter 3 verse 23
39:19for all have sinned all
39:22sure the glory on she has two daughters she said you would see
39:26she said mommy you know I do and she gave examples
39:31she says so you said she said i’ve seen
39:35and their momma will him
39:39says said and we fall short
39:43God’s glory are said
39:46and their mom turned Romans 5:8
39:49she read the story says God
39:52shoes his love for in that while we were yet sinners
39:58cried she showed
40:02she asked her she remembered the story Easter to which the
40:06her daughter recited the story told her about
40:09Jesus died on the cross see there’s value in keeping your children church
40:14hear the stories there in their heart
40:17she repeated the story Jesus died on the cross
40:21and how he rose again the third eighty Concord ebony conquers
40:24she told us to reach your mom but she asked this question she said
40:29why did Jesus have to die Jesus she said
40:36explain in the next summer’s she said
40:39in Romans chapter 6 23 tells
40:42for the wages said is these a penalty for sin
40:48the payment for sale
40:50so because i’ve seen someone has to die
40:53ng’s chose to do that for
40:56and she continued ever since she said
40:59the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus
41:04our Lord round assed
41:07her daughter she said do you remember the present you got from them
41:10for your birthday she said oh my Elmo she said that’s right
41:15you remember when you receive it in the mail she said
41:19you would let me open it for days until my birthday
41:22she said right she said you remember what happened when the
41:26when you got them she ripped it open she took out all my energy how dull
41:31the lapd something and she said
41:38love my she said
41:41never open she said
41:45he would be mine he would be my friend
41:49my my favorite she said she said
41:53offering yep eternal life
41:57but it’s not yours issue XM
42:02open she had gleam in understanding in her eyes as she
42:07read the next verse to issue she looked down Romans chapter 10
42:11version 9 she says if you can with your mouth Jesus is Lord
42:16and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead
42:20you will be say she read firsthand
42:26says for with the heart one believes in is justified
42:29in with the mound one can
42:33is save she remembers to her daughter and she asked her daughter
42:37what did you do right after you opened
42:40when you hug him you excited I called Hannah
42:44would you tell me unite I caller night thank you for giving me hell Mohan
42:50I was so excited she said she said
42:54so this version saying that because Jesus gave you this
42:59he died in your place in
43:02piercings that you need to call him
43:06you need a column him to save you
43:09she said mommy I want to do that right now she
43:14no against the couch with her daughter
43:17sheep very simple prayer something like this
43:21something like this she said dear lord
43:25you’re gone forgive me a Meissen
43:29thank you for dying on the cross for my sins
43:33as best I know how I am accepting you is my savior
43:38see Jesus me
43:42she prayed simple prayer
43:46with the a child she just call upon the name of the Lord
43:49said you’re gone as best I know how
43:53I’m accepting use my Savior
43:56by except Jesus died on the cross for my sins
44:01see me now enable
44:06years she prayed simple prayer
44:10somethings no funds let me tell you the rest
44:13story maybe Harvey just for a moment
44:17so Brenda racer child her child accepted Christ
44:21day and grew up matured her daddy was a sailor
44:25and older you can sailor
44:28she married to Marie
44:35what can I say
44:36she married to Marie she Mary the marine and
44:40you know they went through after they’re married a couple years
44:4429 arduous months heap
44:48were homes
44:58mommy she raised her child
45:01the way she on because she followed the example
45:06steps her mother and her mother tree
45:10your side heard her
45:13raise urge in the rest

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