The New Leader’s Foundation: Trust

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Whether a leader is attempting to build a business relationship, or a personal one, there is one building block that is essential to your leadership foundation. That is the building block is TRUST.

Without trust the leader’s relationship could be filled with suspicion and a lack of respect. There are certain steps that every leader needs to take in order to build a solid relationship based upon trust.

First leaders need to remember that it takes time to develop trust in any type of relationship, so leaders should not expect trust to be earned overnight.

Once a leader can see that trust levels are being built, don’t ruin them. Communication is an essential tool for a leader to be seen as trustworthy.

Trust is a two way-street so start off any new relationship by demonstrating that you are trustworthy. Effective leaders are open and honest. They demonstrate this by sharing something with a subordinate and strive to get to know them on a personal level. Some of the best business relationships have been based on friendship and getting to know each other.

Keeping secrets only brands you as an untrustworthy leader. While you don’t have to completely open up, share one or two things that not everyone knows. Maybe you are terrified of flying or have a fear of failure. When you confide in someone they will start to do the same.

One of the worst things you can do in a new leadership position when trying to build trust is to make rash decisions. For example if you suddenly cancel your a staff meeting or event with no reason given, this is going to create suspicions. Situations do come up, be honest about the reason for canceling.

Another trait that you want to demonstrate is that of keeping to your word. If you promise a co-worker that you will take care of a problem, then follow through. Don’t suddenly decide not to and let them down. All this will do is break any small amount of trust that may have been there and a good working relationship.

Think about what trust means to you. What is it that you expect people to do to earn your trust? Then simply follow these steps when starting a new leadership role. This way you will not be disappointed by them and your subordinates can have trust in their new leader.