DRIVE: People First

This is a continuation of the discussion from Monday’s blog post, What Drives Us? Yesterday we talked about the first drive, Task First. The second drive is presbuteros. This is the drive to be friendly, to be a people person. The presbuteros drive is an intrinsic drive to put people first. Thoughts of the presbuteros […]

What Drives Us?

The three Greek words poimen, presbuteros and episkopos, are the source of what we understand of leadership. These words describe the inner drives or motivation that people have. The poimen drive puts the Task First. The presbuteros drive puts People First. The episkopos drive puts the Mission First. The drives are represented as drawers that […]

3 Drives of the Leader Code

Will Your Organization Run without You?

Can you say that you could leave your organization or business for a few weeks or months and it would run without you? Unfortunately most leaders cannot answer yes to this question. However, there is a solution to this and it is not as hard to implement as you might think. Systemizing your management practices is the best […]

The New Leader’s Foundation: Trust

Whether a leader is attempting to build a business relationship, or a personal one, there is one building block that is essential to your leadership foundation. That is the building block is TRUST. Without trust the leader’s relationship could be filled with suspicion and a lack of respect. There are certain steps that every leader needs to take in order to […]

Learn to Lead with The Leader Code

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Secret leadership code revealed from an ancient manuscript. The Leader Code is a book written by Dan Blakeslee. The book, as the name suggests, is about a code, but this is a code that leads one towards better leadership skills, not missing treasure. The book’s code has been taken from the Bible itself […]