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LeaderCode-revised-340x544FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Secret leadership code revealed from an ancient manuscript.

The Leader Code is a book written by Dan Blakeslee. The book, as the name suggests, is about a code, but this is a code that leads one towards better leadership skills, not missing treasure. The book’s code has been taken from the Bible itself and it is certainly one of the best allegories written in a while. The book went on sale on the 29th of December 2012 and it has been going quite good in the market. One can buy the book from Amazon.com if they are interested as well – http://www.amazon.com/The-Leader-Code-hidden-effective/dp/todaypages-20/0615743684/.

The book’s description says that one would just have to crack this code in order to become a leader and the code has directly been taken from the Bible itself. There are certain things in the book, including the three leadership styles, which have some Greek influence as well. The names of the three leadership styles are in Greek as well and have been translated for the reader’s sake.

Blakeslee is a person who has been a trained leader for quite a while. He actually consults with businesses, NGOs and even churches. He trains people and ensures that the business runs in the most optimal manner possible, with every person doing all they can. He was born in Indiana, Indianapolis and after graduating school he actually enlisted for the US Navy’s, volunteered for the Submarine Service. Being a Navy man, he is well aware of leadership skills, necessity of leaderships and even making people listen to what one has to say. He himself went from being a worker to being a leader.

He has won a lot of awards from the Navy and the leadership school, all lauding his role as a leader. He has even served in a bunch of churches, helping them with their leadership requirements as well. This has provided Blakeslee with a number of roles as a leader and now, he is sharing his leadership stories and what he has learnt with the people, through the Leader Code. The stories help reveal the secret leadership code hidden in an ancient manuscript.

The book is on sale at http://www.amazon.com/The-Leader-Code-hidden-effective/dp/todaypages-20/0615743684/ and it has received a lot of positive reviews and ratings as well.

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