Efficient Time Management Tools

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February_calendarManaging your time online is something that everyone can benefit from. Even the best leaders and managers can easily be distracted while managing their business or leading others. Knowing how to manage your time better will allow you to be more organized and efficient – not just in your business but in your personal life too.

Today it is easy to find an array of time management tools that you can download and use. This includes simple timers that help you stay on task, to complex tools where you can plan and manage your entire day.

Time Management Apps

Things – this is a great time management tool which is available for Mac users. You just type in all the things you need to get done and if necessary you can add a time limit to them. The app will then create you a daily to-do list based upon those items you added. You can print your list or share it digitally.

Rescue Time – this is a wonderful app that will help you discover just where your time goes. This app is suitable for Apple, Android and Desktops. It runs in the background and times where you spend your time. Each time you change a Window or open a new program the app will track your time. You may discover that you spend way too much time on Facebook or checking your email.

Freckle – is a time management tool that helps you schedule out your work day. It is great for freelancers as you can plan out how much work you have and whether or not you can take on a new client. The app will also notify you if you have scheduled too much work into any time period.

Calendar Apps

Calendars are a great tool for planning out your activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You may already use the Google Calendar, which is free. But did you know that there are apps which will help sync this calendar to your mobile devices as well?

CalenGo – this is an Android app that will sync your Google Calendar to your Smartphone. You can actually sync all of your calendars with this app from your mobile device. This means you will never lose track of your appointments and important tasks.

Donna & Tempo – these are calendar type apps that take you to the next level. These apps become your personal assistant and will help you find the best route home from work to avoid traffic. They will also send you reminders of your appointments and Tempo offers one click conference calls.

Avoiding Time Wasters

Anti-Social – this is an app that makes it easy for you to target and block any distracting website so you can be more productive. It keeps you from answering email or responding on Facebook while you should be focused on the task. Available for Windows and Mac.

Freedom – this is another app that locks you away from the Internet so you can be more productive. If online distractions kill your productivity, Freedom could be the best 10 dollars you’ll ever spend. It is now available for Windows as well as Mac.

By using time management tools such as those we mentioned above, you can really become an efficient person. No more running late for meetings or missing your child’s sporting event.