DRIVE: People First

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This is a continuation of the discussion from Monday’s blog post, What Drives Us? Yesterday we talked about the first drive, Task First.

The second drive is presbuteros. This is the drive to be friendly, to be a people person. The presbuteros drive is an intrinsic drive to put people first.

Thoughts of the presbuteros drive include, thinking about:


  • Developing close friendships
  • Maintaining friendships in the workplace
  • Spending time with others just to enjoy their company
  • Desiring to restore relationships as soon as possible when they have been separated
  • Seeing group activities as social occasions


These thoughts will lead to behaviors like:


  • Having many friends
  • Talking to or texting others frequently
  • Using business email for personal correspondence
  • Making a lot of phone calls
  • Work-related calls or visits end up being more personal in nature
  • Choosing to work with other people than be alone
  • Choosing friends to work with over experts
  • Striving to gain personal approval from coworkers and supervisors
  • Communicating in terms of how others think and feel
  • Empathizing, sympathizing and consoling coworkers


Leaders who are driven by the presbuteros drive are what John Maxwell calls level two leaders.[1] They rely upon their relationships with their subordinates to lead. People follow them because they know, like and trust them.

[1] Ibid. p. 8.

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