Hey, want a job?

Here are some interesting stats from the July/August issue of INC magazine.  The questions and comments are mine. New jobs in April – 119,000 Who did the hiring: Companies with fewer than 50 employees – 49% Companies with 50-499 employees – 48% Companies with 500 or more employees – 3% Question:  Why do job-seekers continue […]

The Harvest Show from Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Author Daniel Blakeslee discusses the dos-and-don’ts of effective leadership from his newest book ‘Lead Like Hell is Real.’ Find out how to schedule Daniel for your keynote or next event here.

Now I am Ready for Christmas

Now I am Ready for Christmas

I am not one to get excited about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. In fact I don’t want to hear Christmas music until December 1. Well, this video that I first saw about this time last year popped up in my Facebook feed. Now I am ready…

Learn to Lead with The Leader Code

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Secret leadership code revealed from an ancient manuscript. The Leader Code is a book written by Dan Blakeslee. The book, as the name suggests, is about a code, but this is a code that leads one towards better leadership skills, not missing treasure. The book’s code has been taken from the Bible itself […]