The Leader Code (Norfolk:, 2012)

The Leader Code by Daniel Blakeslee

Many today are looking for a way to lead. Unfortunately, there are not many modern day examples to follow. What if the human race had been delivered a secret leader code? What if this code were hidden in an ancient manuscript? What if this code were lifted from the words of an ancient manuscript, translated and delivered to the masses today? What would happen if you knew that it was available, today, hidden on the pages of the greatest selling book of all time?

Discover the Code, eloquently lifted from the pages of antiquity. Pulled together for modern day readers in a newly revised book available on – The Leader Code. Once one cracks The Leader Code, selecting the proper leadership style will become second nature. It can make the average “person in charge” an effective leader.

Each chapter of The Leader Code delivers a lesson within an evolving fictional story. Readers will follow easily what the main character is learning from his mentor. To compliment the learning process, questions are added at the end of each chapter to aid the reader in understanding the six distinctive leadership styles bestowed to the human race.

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  • Cleverly written in the same style as the Da Vinci Code! Such pearls of wisdom can be learned from these ancient Biblical messages and teachings, that are just as relevant today as they were when they were first written. Are you Poimen (shepard), Episkopos (Bishop) or Presbuteros (Elder)? Pastor, teacher or counselor?

    Dan Blakeslee presents this as a well-written and entertaining novel based on two characters, Bob and Chris. In the story, Bob is instructing Chris on the meanings of the ancient teachings, and how Chris can apply these different leadership qualities to his own life.

    There are also questions for the reader at the end of each chapter to get them thinking about what they have learned from the chapter, and how they can apply it to their own lives. This is a very original, clever and creative version of a guide to being a leader!!