Lead Like Hell is Real (Norfolk: PreacherBooks.com, 2014)

Lead Like Hell is Real on Amazon

Discover the Code, eloquently lifted from the pages of antiquity. Pulled together for modern day readers in a great new book now available on Amazon.com. Once one cracks the code, selecting the proper leader mode will become second nature. It can make the average “person in charge” an effective leader.

This book contains the complete allegory from The Leader Code by the author.

Practical, Real Life Tools

At one point or another, we’re all called to lead. Whether your a parent, a church leader, in charge at work, or you have another leadership role this book is a must read.

Interesting Storyline

Each chapter of The Leader Code effectively delivers a lesson within an evolving fictional story. Readers will follow easily what the main character is learning from his mentor. To compliment the learning process, questions are added at the end of each chapter to aid the reader in understanding the six distinctive leader modes bestowed to the human race.

Proven Principles

Many today are looking for a way to lead. Unfortunately, there are not many modern day examples to follow. What if the human race had been delivered a leader code? What if this code were hidden in an ancient manuscript? What if this code were lifted from the words of an ancient manuscript, translated and delivered to the masses today? What would happen if one knew that it was available, today, hidden on the pages of the greatest selling book of all time?

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  • “Lead Like Hell is Real” is a Biblical-based self-help book for developing leadership skills—it employs a fictional narrative as well as a more succinct and straightforward explanation of the methods to drive the points home to readers.

    The book starts with the story of Mitch, who is feeling overwhelmed at his new job—he meets a man named Don who lives in the neighborhood, but is not aware that Don is a prominent preacher. He agrees to meet Don to learn about some leadership tools, and over time their friendship grows and Mitch’s skills flourish with the Leader Code, as drawn from the Bible. The code itself is based on not only the Bible’s wisdom, but on the three Greek words for pastor, bishop, and elder; the book explains the tools of leadership, how to fit different styles of leadership to different situations, and the connection between motivation, drive, and behavior.

    “Lead Like Hell is Real” is well-written, and I liked that it presents its points in two different ways—if the story itself gets a bit confusing, you can turn to the more succinct explanation later in the book, while if you prefer a little more flair and plot, you can still get the information from the first part of the book. The author’s use of different analogies for leadership styles—Screwdriver, Hammer, etc.—also make the points and lessons stick in your mind. The book is also well-researched and cited, which lends authority to the author’s advice, and it should appeal especially to linear, logical thinkers with its graphs and dissections of leadership behavior.

    If you’re looking to develop a style of leadership that is based on Christian principles but is also effective in the workplace, I would recommend this book.

    – E. Lucas