Cleverly written in the same style as the Da Vinci Code! Such pearls of wisdom can be learned from these ancient Biblical messages and teachings, that are just as relevant today as they were when they were first written. Are you Poimen (shepard), Episkopos (Bishop) or Presbuteros (Elder)? Pastor, teacher or counselor?

Dan Blakeslee presents this as a well-written and entertaining novel based on two characters, Bob and Chris. In the story, Bob is instructing Chris on the meanings of the ancient teachings, and how Chris can apply these different leadership qualities to his own life.

There are also questions for the reader at the end of each chapter to get them thinking about what they have learned from the chapter, and how they can apply it to their own lives. This is a very original, clever and creative version of a guide to being a leader!  By Anna Elizabeth on January 14, 2013


At one point or another, we’re all called to lead. Whether your a parent, a church leader, in charge at work, or you have another leadership role this book is a must read!

I really enjoyed the fictional story the lessons in this book were centered around – how many times have non-Christians not wanted to hear some great advice because it’s knowledge found in the Bible?

Dan Blakeslee has written an excellent resource built around solid, biblical teaching on what it takes to be a leader and how to lead well. Each chapter ends with questions to encourage your own growth in your leadership roles. The last part of the book contains the notebook and charts found throughout the book and its’ lessons. By Danielle D. on June 12, 2013


Being and effective leader is something that you are not born with like everything else you need to hone these skill as with everything else we learn. As a general manger of a business and a parent assuming the role of leader was tough at first, but then again I thought riding a bicycle was hard at one time also.

This book is an intriguing view and analysis on how to be a more effective leader through the use of biblical passages. The book is made up of a factional story broken down in chapters and followed by a lesson to be taken from what was read by each chapter earlier.

The book is well written, very clever and to the point without a lot of unnecessary details to bog you down. If you need to become a leader, become a better leader than you need this book and some spare time to put it to use. This is a quick read that was very enjoyable and full of good information.  By Chris G. on June 13, 2013


“Lead Like Hell is Real” is a Biblical-based self-help book for developing leadership skills—it employs a fictional narrative as well as a more succinct and straightforward explanation of the methods to drive the points home to readers.

The book starts with the story of Mitch, who is feeling overwhelmed at his new job—he meets a man named Don who lives in the neighborhood, but is not aware that Don is a prominent preacher. He agrees to meet Don to learn about some leadership tools, and over time their friendship grows and Mitch’s skills flourish with the Leader Code, as drawn from the Bible. The code itself is based on not only the Bible’s wisdom, but on the three Greek words for pastor, bishop, and elder; the book explains the tools of leadership, how to fit different styles of leadership to different situations, and the connection between motivation, drive, and behavior.

“Lead Like Hell is Real” is well-written, and I liked that it presents its points in two different ways—if the story itself gets a bit confusing, you can turn to the more succinct explanation later in the book, while if you prefer a little more flair and plot, you can still get the information from the first part of the book. The author’s use of different analogies for leadership styles—Screwdriver, Hammer, etc.—also make the points and lessons stick in your mind. The book is also well-researched and cited, which lends authority to the author’s advice, and it should appeal especially to linear, logical thinkers with its graphs and dissections of leadership behavior.

If you’re looking to develop a style of leadership that is based on Christian principles but is also effective in the workplace, I would recommend this book. By E. Lucas TOP 500 REVIEWER on October 6, 2014


This book provides practical advice for people looking to improve and/or understand the different types of leadership styles.

The explanations are discussed through a story between the meetings of Mitch and pastor Don. Don explains that leadership can be learned from the Bible and he calls these truths the Leader Code.

The explanation off Poimen, Episkopos, and Presbuteros are well laid out and easy to understand. Don relates each leadership style back to biblical leaders by reading the appropriate verse.

Towards the end of the book, tips are recommended for those three leadership types (such as how to manage people if you naturally pull from the Poimen drawer aka are task oriented).

Overall, this was a useful and insightful book. It provides much needed advice on how to lead by referencing wisdom from the New Testament. By Onestepforward on September 29, 2014